Uli Genenger

Uli Genenger, drums, percussion, electronics.
A musician, composer, arranger, artist ...
Uli starts playing drums at the age of seven.
His musical education includes classical as well as jazz.
After finishing school he lives and plays in different places around the world and studies at various academies:
"Drummers Institut" (D├╝sseldorf, Germany),
"Drummers Collective", (New York, USA),
"HFM-Hans Eisler" (Berlin, Germany),
"Conservatorium van Amsterdam" (The Netherlands),
graduating with the "Master Degree of Music".
Among his teachers there are well known musicians:
Bill Stewart, Ari Honig, Trilok Gurtu, Kim Plainfield, Gene Jackson, Lukas van Merwijk, Marcel Serierse, Ricky Sebastian, Frank Katz, Sandy Gennaro, Fred Klatz, Martijn Vink, Eric Harings, Mario W├╝rzebesser, Holger Nell, Uli Moritz....
Presently he lives in Amsterdam, is playing on international festivals around the world with the band FIDAN or SPINIFEX and teaches at the PopSchool Amsterdam. He played with artists such as Aki Takase, Anton Goudsmit, Gijs Hendriks, Michael Moore, Tineke Postma, Kubat, Eddy Matinez, Tyler Woods, Meike Gossman, Efrat Alony...